Birgit Hölmer

Birgit Hölmer September 2023

During her artist residency at Plan B. Birgit produced a seies of "CUTS" on abandoned buildings in Corinth, Perachora and Athens city centre and created a series of graphite drawings on the nature surrounding PLAN B.

Birgit Hölmer’s work often focuses on topics such as gentrification and the development of neighbourhoods and cities.

Her "CUTS" artworks utilises sticky cut-out stripes to create geometric 3D -like paintings on vacant shop windows across the city.

Birgit’s “CUTS” are an artistic gesture that initially started as a reaction and critique of the gentrification taking place in Berlin. By applying her "CUTS" to empty shop windows without legal permission, Hölmer comments on the changing urban and social environment. For this purpose, she uses waste material, remnants of the printing trade; stripes of different sizes and colours, leftovers that remain after printed stickers have been trimmed.