Susanne Strassmann

Susanne Strassmann

    Susanne Strassmann Encounters at Πέρα Βρέχει Cafe bar Perachora.

    As part of her artist residency at PLAN B. Susanne Strassmann based herself at  Πέρα Βρέχει Cafe bar in the village of Perachora, meeting and painting people from the local community.

    Susanne works in a unique way inviting passers by to pose and sit for her. The “Live” water colour portraits are in the form of a performance, usually taking 20 minutes to complete, and over the space of a week everyone was welcomed to participate. The finished works were hang on the walls of the cafe bar at end of each day, building up to an exhibition that explored aspects of life, personal testimonies and experiences of the village and its residents through their portraits.

    Thanks to Christos Fortis and Πέρα Βρέχει Cafe bar team for their help and support of this project.  

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