Fallen 2023. ancient Corinth, castle of Acrocorinth

During his PLAN B. artist residence Dimitris plans to design of a site specific sculptural artwork made of materials found in the area. The form will resemble that of a parasitic plant, crawling, climbing, spreading and imitating the shape of the space it occupies. The work will explore the unique enviroment in which PLAN B is located; ultimately determining the form of the project.

Dimitris Georgakopoulos has been working as a visual artist and curator in Athens since 1990. Co-founded and co-directed the non-profit cultural organizations CHEAPART  (1995-2018) and C.A.M.P. (contemporary art meeting point) (2011-2014), both based in Athens.

2019 Dimitris founded the visual art platform Potential Project together with Karolina Aliferopoulou, Alexandros Platis and VassilisNassis. He planned and curated the exhibition program for the platform.. More than twenty artists, architects and theorists were invited to round table discussions focusing on the unrealized project as their central theme.

Ηis projects have been widely exhibited and received financial support from the Greek Ministry of Culture, NEON organization, the Greek National Opera program "All of Greece, one Culture" and OPANDA (The Organization for culture, sports and youth of the municipality of Athens).

Dimitris Georgakopoulos lives in Athens

Potential Project 

Dimitris Georgakopoulos