Hana Iverson

Hana Iverson May 2023

Hana Iverson’s art practice includes photo-based mixed-media works, video, large-scale public installations and openly distributed mobile media works that invite participants to author or co-create their narratives and self-representation. 

During her artist residency at Plan B. Hana will be making new images, and editing previous work, for a forthcoming artist book/installation based on wind and water. This new work develops out of the proposal for The Breath Project (2013-2015).

The Breath Project is a collaborative artist-designed network that engages aspects of nature in combination with data science to create a platform for interconnection between different and differing cultures. The project consists of an adaptable and potentially transportable interactive installation that connects to functional water restoration projects that will beneficially impact water resources and the communities that share them.

Across an extended circuit of live data, air measurements in one location will be gathered from the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between human and plant respiration within a multi-media + botanical installation. This data will connect and effect water-based ecological restoration systems in a distant other. Water and soil data gathered from the ecological sites feed back to the installation, propelling the poetic audio and visual design. The heart of this large-scale endeavor highlights the relationship between the physical experience of an individual breathing in one location with direct impact on the environment of a distant other - underscoring the true interdependence of all living beings

Hana is a professor of media studies and media art, currently the Curator in Residence at Charles Library, Temple University, and has held interdisciplinary Visiting Fellowships at Temple University Libraries (2019 – 2021) Drexel University (2013), the Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers University – New Brunswick (2009 – 2013), the Center for Creative Research, NYU (2005 – 2012), and is the former director of the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration at Temple University (2004 – 2007).

Her work has been exhibited in historic public buildings, museums, galleries, festivals and accessed by phone in city streets across North America and in Europe. She has received numerous awards and nominations including the Rockefeller New Media Fellowship, and the American Academy in Jerusalem.

Hana Iverson lives in Philadelphia USA.